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Feature: Top Ten Tracks of 2011

1.  The Caretaker: “A Relationship With The Sublime”


2.  Ford & Lopatin: “The Voices”


3.  Julianna Barwick: “Vow”


4.  Fennesz: “Liminal”


5.  James Ferraro: “Saint Prius”


6.  Maria Minerva: “California Scheming”


7.  Ssaliva: “Best Lose The Dream”


8.  Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti: “Witchhunt Suite For WWIII”


9.  Elite Gymnastics: “o m a m o r i”


10.  The New Honey Shade: “Ozark Dream”

Feature: Top Five Reissues of 2011

1.  The Beach Boys: The Smile Sessions Box Set [Capitol/EMI]


2.  Harald Grosskopf: Synthesist [RVNG]


3.  The Olivia Tremor Control: Black Foliage: Animation Music Vol. 1 [Chunklet]


4.  Frank Zappa: Feeding the Monkies at Ma Maison [Zappa Records]


5.  Jürgen Müller: Science of the Sea [Digitalis]

New Track: Sean Moore ~ “Silence Achiever”

Another composition courtesy of the iPhone, “Silence Achiever” is a reflective piece featuring a piano loop with a one-take vocal treatment.  I have been feeling quite inspired as of late.  As of now, a full-length record of iPhone compositions is planned.

New Track: Sean Moore ~ “Thought Crime”

I was recently hospitalized for a week and am just now starting to turn my health around.  While in the hospital, I downloaded the Garageband app for the iPhone to keep my mind occupied.  “Thought Crime” was recorded from November 19th – 20th, 2011 using only the Garageband app.  The piece has eight tracks of audio samples and vocal takes recorded around my house.  I am intrigued at the possible notion of recording an entire album of material using only the iPhone.  We shall see…

New Track: Sean Moore ~ “Holding Hostages”


“Holding Hostages” is a nightmarish piece of music from my long-gestating full-length solo album, Fragile Age.  It has gone through many sonic transformations since it was originally tracked in late 2007.  Other Fragile Age tracks (“Ashley” & “Love in Tongues”) are on Bandcamp for free downloads as well.

New Track: Sean Moore ~ “Help”

Help” was recorded in one take using a micro-cassette recorder on October 9th, 2011.  This particular method of recording harkens back to my 2007 lo-fi solo release, Tone Poems in Low Fidelity.  This track may lead to another full-length record of similar proportions.  But for now, it stands alone.

Phases in Sound | Fall 2011 Mix

Download Phases in Sound | Fall 2011 Mix [110 MB, 320 kbps]

1.  Speculator:  “Century Select” [Nice]
2.  Martin Newell:  “Stars are Cold” [Songs for a Fallow Land]
3.  Computer Dreams:  “Low Tide” [Computer Dreams]
4.  Nite Jewel:  “Another Horizon” [Am I Real?]
5.   James Ferraro:  “Saint Prius” [Condo Pets]
6.  Stefano Torossi:  “Running Fast” [Feelings]
7.  Björk:  “Virus” [Biophilia]
8.  Tom Waits:  “Back in the Crowd” [Bad as Me]
9.  Co La:  “Vanity Plate” [Daydream Repeater]
10.  Mother Mallard’s Portable Masterpiece Company:  “Harpsichord Truck” [Like a Duck to Water]
11.  Soft Powers:  “Endlessly” [Outlandish Scandals]
12.  Syd Barrett:  “Love You” [The Madcap Laughs]
13.  Ricardo Donoso:  “Baiting Disappointment” [Progress Chance]
14.  The Olivia Tremor Control:  “A Peculiar Noise Called Train Director” [Black Foliage: Animation Music Vol. 1]
15.  The Flaming Lips:  “The Captain” [The Soft Bulletin Outtakes]

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